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We at American Counselors are committed to a personalized approach to each client, and to maintaining awareness that while you may have issues and concerns similar to others, you are a unique person…with unique issues and concerns.

We do not believe in “cookie-cutter” treatment and are devoted to helping adults, teens, children, couples, or groups confront concerns and work to resolve those issues at an appropriate pace for that individual.

Beginning with an introductory assessment and evaluation, we are dedicated to helping each person find that approach that best fits and directs them on the best path to healing, health, and happiness.

We are committed to servicing our diverse population and rely on open and honest interactions with our counselors to ensure cultural sensitivity and appreciation to all.



American Counselors was founded by professionals who have worked and provided leadership in a variety of hospitals, community clinics, schools, medical, mental health, and business/professional settings..

AC’s intent is to provide individualized services to the many in need of all types of behavioral health assistance, in a timely manner…which often leads to delays in treatment  

We understand that, in most cases, issues have been ongoing.  We understand how much effort it takes to reach out and seek assistance. We understand that the longer you wait, the further you are away from achieving your goal. 

We are committed and standby ready to help…even if that means referring you somewhere else for more immediate or appropriate treatment.

We understand this is about you….not us.  Contact us today, if we can be of assistance.



Frank earned a Master’s Degree in Forensic Psychology from The Chicago School of Professional Psychology and also has an Executive MBA in Strategic Leadership from The University of Tennessee.

Frank’s professional mental health training and experience includes:

·Elgin Mental Health Center:
A State of Illinois inpatient forensic facility housing diverse individuals, many with serious and ongoing mental health issues

·United States Navy:
Through a government contractor, Frank had an office at Great Lakes Naval Base and routinely travelled to US Navy and Marine bases and:

- Worked with deploying or returning Service Members and their families

- Conducted educational presentations to groups as large as 600
- Conducted assessment screenings and emergency assistance, as needed
- Consulted with Leadership and conducted briefings for Commanding Officers to assist with personnel concerns

· Parent Child Interactive Therapy (PCIT):
Received supervised training at The Chicago School of Professional Psychology

·Business Consulting:
Performed personnel assessments and administered multiple critical thinking and achievement assessments, in addition to administering personality instruments to employees, recruits, and interns.

- Utilized these instruments to create reports and recommendations for hiring, advancement, and retention.

- Specialized in finance and high stress/fast-paced settings



We can assist clients with issues in many areas, and realize that often times there is more than one ongoing concern.  The ability to help identify ongoing concurrent issues contributes to the efficacy of our treatment plans. 

Our areas of expertise include, but are not limited to the following:

· Behavioral Issues
· Mood Instability
· Self Confidence Issues
· Life and Career Counseling/Coaching
· Relationship Issues
· Sexual Issues
· Anger Management
· Emotional  Disturbance
· Family Conflict
· Grief
· Obsessive-Compulsive Tendencies
· Peer Relationships
· Self Esteem
· Self-Harming
· Academic Issues
· Coping Skills

· Social Skills
· Anxiety
· Depression
· Impulsive Behavior
· Alcohol and Substance Issues
· Coping with Divorce 
· Issues with Authority
· Parenting Challenges
· Domestic Violence
· Suicidal Ideation
· Coping with Trauma
· Society Reintegration
     o  Military, Forensic, or Incarceration related
· Teen Violence
· Assessments
· Testing and Evaluation